Eyebrows- $15

Lip- $10

Chin- $20

Cheeks- $20

Forehead- $20

Sideburns- $20

Full face- $55

Half legs- $50

Upper thighs- $60

Full legs- $100 & up

Full legs and bikini line-$130 & up

Full arms- $55

Underarms- $25

Lower back- $25

Upper back $25

Glutes- $35

Abdomen- $30

Bikini line-$35

Itsy bitsy bikini- $45 & up

Brazilian- $65

If this is your first time to be sugared, be sure to allow 7- 10 days of hair growth prior to removal.  This will ensure the best result of your sugaring service.  

 Why I Chose Sugaring
Over Waxing 

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Body sugaring is an all natural form of hair removal used since ancient Egyptian times.

This epilation process removes only dead skin cells and is applied with the "flicking" technique at a cooler temperature, making sugaring less irritating to the skin than wax. 


Also, being that the hair is removed at the deepest point of follicle, sugaring tends to last longer than waxing.

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